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clown's Journal

14 February
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This is me
can you see
Of course you can't
you're not Adam Ant
Cause only his great strength
could help you go great lengths
To take a little of your time
to find out something of my life
And maybe learn a little nothin'
or maybe use a little somethin'
Either way
you can look today
And see me
the real me
Only not the real way
but like the net-way
Which is ok
but I say:

"I realized long ago after I ate five pounds of marbles, that you just can't take things for granted nor can you take things too seriously. I figured... Why should I be like all of the others when I am undoubtedly going to be happier being myself. That is when I realized that being me meant I could no longer communicate directly with those around me. So I ask you... Is it better to be better by being yourself or is better to be someone else in order to communicate?"

This message has been brought to you by the
Emergency Reality Check System...
This was not exactly a test, but then again we can't figure out the difference between the test and the real thing. So your guess is as good as ours.