When you wait.... nothing happens...

It has been quite a while since I have posted here. I wasn't waiting, I just didn't have much to say. I have had a daughter since the last time I posted. That's kind of lame on my part. She is 9 months old as of yesterday. She has now been out of the womb for as long as she was in the womb. Talk about your pivotal moments.

There may be more to come soon. Lots going on. Off I go again.

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10:13 on 10/13

I know it's not a big thing, but it felt eary and cool at the same time that I looked up at the computer screen right at the time and date when it was 10:13am and it is 10/13/2005.

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DivinityMud News

Divinity Mud gets another face lift. Actually it will be more like an ass lift since this new overhaul has to do with the underlying file IO handlers. The original and current running versions of the mud use properties files to store almost all of the information about the mud such as the areas, mobs, rooms and so on. Object streaming is allowing for a more streamlined framework. This will be transparent to everyone but those with the highest of admin priviledges and of course, if in the future there is a downloadable version of this mud whereby people can configure their own Mud Server, it will provide for more flexibility for configuration. This update is being implemented in parallel to the Object streaming across the network. More updates to come.

DivinityMUD NEWS!!!

Another huge step was successfully taken this morning at about 5am. Object communication for the builder client is now able to read the real build data from the server side. In more basic terms, this means that we are not dealing with test data any longer. It also means we are getting ever closer to being able to allow people to start building areas and everything that goes in them. The light at the end of the long long tunnel is getting brighter. More break throughs to come!!!


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Divinity MUD News
Well, like any other major piece of code I have added to the mud, adding the object communications has required that I change some of the architecture of the existing code. This is not a bad thing, but has proved to be a bit more slower of a process than I had thought. Despite this, progress marches on. I am on the brink of a nice little break through with the object communication. Stay tuned for more updates.

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So... for a year or so I have had this piece of crap laptop ... it's slow... its clunky... can't run anything big on it because it is too lame.... this laptop has stayed alive and in working order all that time and continues to work today. It has survived me and two cats. Two weeks ago I get a brand new laptop... expesive... but it is top quality kick-ass hardware.

A day ago, one of my cats jumps up onto the laptop and manages to pop two of the keys off. Paniced and pissed I slap the cat... kick myself for thinking that the laptop would be alright in the presence of the cats... then examined the damage. It appeared that it was a fixable problem. I popped the two keys back onto the keyboard and all seemed well. The next time I go to use the laptop, however, I find that the 'f' key does not respond. My immediate reaction was to destroy my cat because I got him for free... and the laptop costed almost two grand. I am thinking ... cat must die. But that wouldn't bring my computer key back to life... so I didn't kill him. I slapped him on the ass, but then felt bad because he has no clue of what he has done. So, I attempt to examine and fix the problem. No luck.

Is there good news? Yes! I have a one year limited manufacturer's warranty. Is there bad news? Yes. There is no way in hell they are going to cover this damage given the cause. Sure, I could try to lie and convince them that somehow someway my 'f' key became dead. They might be convinced... they might not be... either way, I would have to pack up my laptop send it through one of our wonderful courier services that take loving care of our packages in transit. Then I would have to wait for the company to get around to fixing it... and that is if they were convinced to begin with. Then, I would have to wait for them to send it back yet again through means which might further damage my computer. So what do I do...

I make the call... I confess that my cat has managed to destroy a single key on my keyboard redering my laptop damn near useless. Sure, I could hook up an external keyboard, but then again, that kind of defeats the purpose of it being a laptop now doesn't it. I request that a replacement keyboard be sent so that I may replace it myself. Problem solved? Not quite. I have worked on computers now for many years. I have worked on a few laptops as well. One thing I learned about laptops is, they are magically put together. If you think about all the stuff that has to fit in a laptop, you will realize that it is easy to screw something up or remove something the wrong way and they don't make these things out of steele, so it is easy to pop, tear, twist, and break things. So, along with the replacement keyboard, I request instructions for how to do this. Now this is the funny part because I do have a user's manual and I can read, however, somehow, they didn't feel it was necessary to include instructions for removing the laptop keyboard. Also, when I asked for instructions, they told me they would have to write something up since there is no formal documentation. Apparently, in the history of this company's product, they have always had people who know exactly how to do this and have never had a customer need to do it. Oh well.

On top of that, the tech who I was talking to had to inform me that if I replace the keyboard myself and anything is damaged in the process, that it would nullify the warranty. Ok, let's sum this up,

1. The warranty doesn't cover this type of damage
2. I can't use my laptop in the manner that is was designed for.

Me = a little stuck here.

I explained this to the tech person, she understood, but she is bound by contract to inform me of this. I can understand. So, the morals of the story are:

1. Warrantys don't cover dick unless you receive it and it doesn't work and even then you have to prove that it wasn't your fault or god's.
2. If you want something done, do it yourself, but try to get some sort of insurance first, but don't hold your breath.
3. Don't leave your laptop open in case your stupid friggin cat decides to jump up onto the one thing in the whole freakin room that he shouldn't.
4. It's a fact, something terrible is going to happen to something you prize.
5. Don't kill your pet for harming something you own, they are stupid and don't know any better and it's your own fault for leaving it where they could get to it.
6. Yelling at your pet is alright in a case like this, because you feel better and they will still love you.
7. Be smarter than the stupid people you have to talk to in order to get something done.
8. 2nd day shipping is hella cheaper than overnight... be patient.
9. Make sure to get names, dates, tracking numbers, SR number, and anything else that will cover your ass.
10. Don't do drugs that will irreparably fuck you up. This doesn't have anything to do with this situation, but it is always good advice.

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Ojbect communication (i.e. sending objects across the wire) had it's first successful run today. This is a break through for the design of the mud. Once this aspect is cleaned up, we can finally start creating the world and everything in it. This is turn means, the gates will soon be opening for Builders and Players. Keep an eye hear for further updates. You could be a part of the magic.

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It could have been cold wind
It could have been rain
It could have been a cold soul
blistered in pain and stained
black and yellow
from rubbing the grain
the wrong way the wrong day
too hard I strain
no distance I gain
I'm blistered again.
Trouble on the horizon
Just keeping my eyes on
The river is too wide
for me to rely on
Can't catch my breath
Maybe too close to death
The river it swallows
I'm blistered again